South Tyrolean dishes


Sëurasas Jause (a selection of bacon, cheese, smoked sausage)
Southtirol bacon platter
Southtirol cheese platter
Southtirol smoked sausage

Main courses

Fried eggs with bacon and sautéed potatoes
Maccheroni "Seurasas"
Sausages and fried potatoes
Polenta with melted cheese and regional cheese
Polenta with melted cheese and fried eggs with bacon
Dumplings and coleslaw (2 dumplings)
„Kaiserschmarrn“ (cut-up pancake) served with mountain cranberry jam and apple sauce


Dumplings served in clear soup


Home-made apple strudel with hot vanilla sauce
Home-made apricot cake with hot vanilla sauce
"Buchteln" with vanilla sauce (served hot)
Yoghurt with fresh forest berries